Attaching files to messages – both sending and receiving!

Ever have a guest who texted you a request for some type of documentation and you didn’t have an easy way to send it to them? You had to change to your email system, find the document that needed to be sent, attach it, then email it. What a hassle! #

HelloShift helps you streamline the conversation by answering text messages with files attached!

Here’s how:


Once you’ve chosen the file to add, it will be attached and show up near the bottom of that screen:


Once that’s done, just click Reply to Guest and your message will be sent. The attachment will remain attached to the message for your recordkeeping:


You can also add attachments to your snippets, sprucing up the look of fun invitations, for example. We added this cute image for the snippet invitation to our Wine & Cheese event:


Receiving files from guests #

Perhaps your guest wants to show you the error they are getting on their coffee machine, or even their location on a map — now, they can just snap a picture on their phone and text it to you! Here’s just one example:


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