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Taking readings — temperature, levels, values of any kind – are a part of the daily experience in the hotel industry. HelloShift has added a new Readings App to aid in the recording of these details.

You can find the app under the Apps tab on the left side of your screen:

Step 1: Navigate to the Readings tab to open the app.

Step 2: Click on the title of the Pool Daily Readings checklist to view it.

Step 3: Click New reading to add a new type of reading tool.

Inside the Readings Checklist #

Clicking to view the example Pool Readings checklist, you will see the most recent pool readings over time.

  1. Show details allows you to see the setting for when the checklist should be completed
  2. Clone allows you to create a duplicate checklist, if needed.
  3. Edit allows you to make edits to the checklist, the dates and times it should be scheduled, who it should be assigned to, etc.
  4. Create Now allows you to begin assigning the checklist based on the settings you set in the Edit mode.
  5. Clear All Incomplete allows you to clear multiple Readings lists that are incomplete at one time.
  6. Excel allows you to save the report as an Excel spreadsheet.
  7. Choose Duration allows you to limit the number of days of data you are seeing by clicking “” in the upper right.

Creating a New Reading #

When you click on New Reading, you are shown a dropdown menu for the type of reading checklist you’d like to create.

Meter allows you to create a reading of anything at all. Examples would be food, freezer or refrigerator temperatures.

Pool allows you to create another pool reading checklist, perhaps for an additional pool, hot tub, etc.

Boiler allows you to create a boiler reading checklist, and includes typical boiler readings you need to record.

The settings for recurring readings are the same as they are for our Checklists.

Once assigned, the Readings tasks will show up on the To-Do List on the right of the screen for the team they were assigned to:

To complete an assigned Reading Checklist, simply open the checklist and begin adding the measurements needed:

Once the readings have been added, click Update and then Mark Complete to finish the reading:

To view all completed readings simply click on Apps > Readings > the name of the checklist you’d like to view:

Then you can view the current boiler reading(1) all boiler readings (2), incomplete boiler readings (3), and complete boiler readings (4). You can also sort by date on the right as shown earlier.

To suggest additional reading checklists, please contact us with your suggestions.

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