What are tasks? #

You can create tasks to make sure issues get resolved. Assign tasks to individuals, departments, or everyone in a department and easily monitor progress

There are two types of tasks in HelloShift — Spontaneous Tasks and Task Templates.

Spontaneous Tasks #

Spontaneous tasks are assignments that you create at a moment’s notice. For example, say a guest is reporting that they need towels. You might create a task and assign it to your housekeeping team.

How can I create a task? #
  1. Click in the box that says “write a note or task” at the top of the page
  2. Press the “make this a task” button
  3. Assign task to:
    • Choose one individual or department from the drop-down
    • The entire department will see the task, and any member of the department can complete the task
  4. Subject:
    • This is what will appear in the task list
    • Use something simple and descriptive
  5. Description
    • Here is where you can add more detail about the task
    • You can mention other individuals in the description if you would like them in the loop on the status of a task
  6. Start
    • If you don’t want the assignee to begin the task immediately, use this field to schedule a task in the future (Want to schedule recurring tasks? Use checklists)
    • If a task has a Start time, then an alert is sent around 5 minutes prior to the Start time
    • If you don’t put in a Start time, the task will begin immediately
  7. Due
    • Set a Due time to ensure that the task is completed on-time
    • If a task has Due time and it’s not completed, then an alert is sent around 5 minutes past the Due time – the status also changes to overdue and shows up on management reports
  8. Create task for each member of the department
    • Check this box if you want every member of the department to complete it – for instance, if a department needs to sign new payroll forms
  9. Add file
    • Add pictures, PDF files, excel files, etc. to share more information about the task
  10. Add task
    • Click this button to add your task
    • This task will show up on your “Watching” task list and in the “To Do” list for the person/department responsible for the task
    • Alerts will be sent to the department creating the task, the department responsible for the task, and any teammates who are mentioned in the task when the task is initially created and if it is not completed on time

Template Tasks #

Template Tasks are tasks that you use over and over again. These templates can be created for each department, or be for use property-wide. Say that have a project to upgrade the light-bulbs in all rooms to LED lights. Since your property is large, you create a Task Template so that you can assign the rooms in blocks to have the process completed.

You can create template tasks using the Checklist Templates.

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