Automate a Message

The automated messages for Pre-Stay, In-Stay, and Post-Stay are wonderful things, but sometimes, they’re not enough.

Suppose you have a happy hour every Tuesday in your bar and want to send a message to guests who are on-property at that time, but don’t always remember to?

Or perhaps you are looking for a way to increase the up-sells and cross-sells at your property by offering additional pre-arrival room add-ons?

HelloShift now has you covered with our new automations! Just four easy steps, and you’re on your way! (don’t forget that last step — it’s the most important!)

Step 1: Create a snippet for your new automation.

Step 2: Navigate to Guest > Show More > Automations and choose New Guest Automation

Step 3: Fill in the Form with your Automation settings

1. Give your automation a memorable name
2 Choose the snippet you wrote for the automation
3 Choose the guests who should receive the message
4 Choose the time of day it should be sent
5 Choose the schedule for the message to be sent

Here’s a quick video showing the process:

Step 4: Turn the automation on — The automation will not begin sending until you have turned it on.

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