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Covid-19 has forced hotels to do more with less. HelloShift can help.
HelloShift Staff Collaboration helps hotels keep running with smaller operational footprints and more staff working remotely. Guest Messaging and Website Chat keep the line of communication open and accessible to all guests (and future guests.) Regardless of the current plan your hotel is on, we are making all HelloShift features available to all our hotels till July 1, 2020.
Here are some ways your hotel can use HelloShift features specifically to handle the Covid-19 challenge.

Minimize costs with checklists #

Checklists are great to ensure you are thorough when considering all possibilities. Creating Checklists in HelloShift video gives an overview of how to create and use checklists. You can also import the NEW Covid-19 specific checklists you’ll find in the Checklist Library:

  • Covid-19: Temporarily close down
  • Covid-19: Scale down operational costs

You can copy them into your hotel by clicking on “Copy Checklist” button. After copying, add/change items to fit your needs/procedures, turn the checklist active and create it for your staff to follow.

Reduce front lobby traffic #

You can reduce front lobby traffic by encouraging guests to text requests/questions instead of coming down the front desk. If you are using Guest Messaging for the first time you can start with Intro to Texting with Guests to get oriented.

Stay in touch with laid-off employees #

Need to inform/update laid-off staff? You can add them as guests with type “Employee” and bulk message them as shown here.

Miscellaneous #
  • Want to message everyone in the hotel at one time? Use the @ALL mention!
  • Staff has extra time? Invest in performing essential Preventative Maintenance tasks.

Use Wiki for Covid-19 related information

You can share important Covid-19 policies, protocols and procedures with your entire staff by adding them to your hotel Wiki. You can also upload any Covid-19 flyers that need to be given to guests. To start, you can copy and paste the following information directly into your Wiki:
Local restaurants providing delivery and takeout
National food delivery chains

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