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The international pandemic has affected all properties in the hotel industry and has changed the way guests want to interact with your front desk. Guests and hotels are now looking for ways to limit the exposure risk of contracting the coronavirus, and contactless services are becoming the way of the future.

In response to this situation, HelloShift has created a few features to address this situation, like our new Contactless Check-Ins. Please check out the video how-to below, or read on for more details about how to add these agreements.

Instructions: Contactless Check-Ins #

Are your guests required to fill out and sign forms upon check-in at the property? You can turn those forms into online forms with HelloShift. Here’s how.

Go to Guest > Show More > Snippets > Agreements

You will find an example form already uploaded and you can edit that if you’d like by clicking on the pencil icon.

If you want to upload a new form, simply click on the blue “New Agreement” button and you will be prompted to fill out a new form.

Add a title and add the text of your agreement, attach any required documents, then click “Add Agreement”.

Great ideas for use are contactless check-in, Covid-19 agreements, or other hotel policies that require a signature from the guest upon arrival.

Once the Agreement has been added, it can be sent to guests via SMS, WhatsApp, or email using the same process as sending snippets.

The guest receives the message, then clicks a link to go to the online form, where they can read and sign the agreement.

Once the guest has signed the form, the date of the signature, as well as the email address of the person signing, is date-stamped.

After completion, the signed form is now attached to the guest profile for viewing or printing later:

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