How to delay sending messages until an appropriate time

HelloShift allows you to send text messages to your guests at a time that you think is most convenient to them. Use this feature to keep your guests happy and well-informed!

  • Made a guest reservation for dinner? Schedule a reminder text for them.
  • Want to check up on a guest who had a problem that you just resolved? Send a text at a later time to check in.
  • Want to schedule your pre-stay messages to go out at an exact time? Customize the date & time!

Here’s how:

Hit “reply to guest” and type your message from any chat window with the guest. Once that’s typed and ready to send, choose the “delay” function:


Please note: you will need to manually mark the issue as resolved. Don’t worry — if the guest responds, the issue will open back up again!


You get a calendar popup, where you can choose the date and time to send the message:


Then click “Reply to Guest” one more time, and the message will now show up as scheduled to be sent:


You can also cancel the message if you decide not to send it by clicking on cancel.

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