My attachment won’t send in a text message. Do you have a workaround?

Sometimes, due to a carrier issue, attachments cannot be sent to customers. If that happens to you, we do have a workaround for this issue.

Find the snippet you are working with under Guest > Snippets and click to enlarge the attachment:

When you upload an attachment to the snippet, it becomes hosted on our site. It now has it’s own designated web address, or URL.

Copy the URL from the browser window. The URL location is shown below:


You can then paste the URL into the message to the guest.

PRO TIP: If you think the URL is unsightly, or seems too long, you can use a URL shortener to enhance it. There are many available to use for free. We use

Go to their site and input the URL, then click “Shorten”:

The URL is shortened and cleaned up to look more attractive in your text message. You can click to copy the link, then paste that into the message to be sent to your guest:

Here is an example conversation:

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