Navigating HelloShift #

You are able to access all of the existing functionality of HelloShift with an easy-to-navigate menu dropdown. The navigation bar includes the Lead page, where staff can add a lead for your sales team, and your Wiki Page.

The Menu #

The menu dropdown is your main go-to button for accessing other parts of the app. And the dropdown under your name gives you access to all general administrative tasks in the app.

For the Menu Dropdown, under the Guests tab, you will find all things related to your Guest Engagement Module.

The dropdowns here include the guest directory, messaging, snippets, scheduled messages, imports and Guest items (Lost & Found Log and Package Tracking Log).

Under the **Operations **tab you will find all of the current data related to checklists and tasks that have been assigned at the property. You can see the status of all of your maintenance checklists, your general tasks and checklists, and you can also review all recent activities for your property (reviews/comments/tasks/checklists) in the app here.

The Templates (admin users only) tab houses all of your currently existing checklist and task templates, allowing you to easily use one of the templates we have created, or to easily create one of your own:

The Sales (admin users only) tab provides information on all recent sales activity at the hotel, including new leads and in-process opportunities:

Under the Accounting tab you can add your revenue figures across properties and/or departments to have a fuller financial picture:

Finally, under the Reports tab, you have access to all of the reports for your property.

The Personal Menu #

The Administrative Menu dropdown beneath your name includes links to edit your profile, your sites, and complete Administrative tasks like adding users, departments, or customizations.


Clicking on My Profile takes you to a page where you an access and change your settings, as well as see your favorited pages in the app:


Clicking on My Sites takes you to a page where you can make edits to your hotel site, including things like previewing the chat widget, paying for your subscription, or turning off and on the text messages to guests:

The Admin menu (admin users only) allows you to add users, departments, or customizations to HelloShift:


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