Troubleshooting Password Issues

You have a staff member who comes to you and can’t log in to HelloShift — what should you do? The most likely issue we see here is that a password or username isn’t being entered correctly. Let’s troubleshoot this — here’s how:

Step 1: Access the employee’s account under Your Name > Admin:
Step 2: Check the username for the employee. #

Once you have accessed the Admin page for Users, you can see the username the employee should be using to log in. Are they entering that name exactly as it appears on this screen? Are they using all lowercase letters?

You can also see on this screen if they have put an email address on file. Are they trying to log in with an email address, but none is on file?

If neither of these issues are the problem, proceed to step 3 after clicking on the “Edit” button on this screen.

Step 3. Edit the username and/or password for the employee by clicking on Edit again: #
Step 4: Change the information in the profile for the employee. #

On this screen, you can add an email address for resetting the password in the future.

You can also change the password here — be sure to enter it into both fields to reset it. We recommend having the employee enter their password here. If you assign them a password, make it a generic one that the employee can change after logging in.

Once you have made your changes, click Update to process the change.


Changes to the account are processed immediately, so the employee should be able to log in successfully right away.

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