Guest Response Time — How to have a Green Smiley Face!

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Customer service-oriented humans love instant rewards and tend to have a competitive streak a mile wide. If you’re wondering how you can have your name listed as having the fastest response time to guest messages in HelloShift, or change that smiley to a Green happy face, this article will give you that competitive edge.

There are three different things being reported in the green box on this page:

1 Last Guest Response time (this is the smiley and it measures current data)

2 Fastest Response (first name listed – measures historical data)

3 Most Responses sent (second name listed – measures historical data)

Smiley Face Calculation
The first response to a guest matters because it assures the user that this texting channel of communication is actually backed by real people. Given that it’s text messaging, the subsequent responses don’t have to be as fast, but timely responses make for happier guests.
Here is an example of how the smiley face, indifferent face, and sad face are determined:Guest A responds to a text
–Front Desk responds 10 minutes laterGuest B responds to a text
–Front Desk responds 1 minute later
Result = Smiley face status will show as 1 minute and will be green and happy 🙂

Historical data also gets reported on the admin reports that can be pulled, and will be calculated based on the time period selected for the report.

How do I improve my response times?
Respond to all guest texts as quickly as possible, even if it’s to say ‘hey, give me one minute and I’ll be right with you’.

What happens when a guest text isn’t answered?
For any guest text message that isn’t answered, we will escalate this to management after 10 minutes.The issue will remain open and unresolved until a response is made or the ticket is marked as resolved.