How can I be reminded to deliver urgent packages we have received?

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You’ve been doing a great job of logging all of your packages, but sometimes there is a package that has been designated as urgent and you need to make sure that the package is delivered to the guest at a certain time. How can your staff be reminded?? We’ve got you covered! You can do this by simply creating a task on the package page itself. Here’s how:

When you create the package in the package log, after you click Update in the last step, the app takes you to the package page:


From this screen, you can then create a task from that page that will associate with the package. Just click in the input box and choose “make this a task”:

Assign the task to the Front Desk as a package delivery and be sure to include the Due Date to be the date the guest checks in (or today, if the guest is on premise):

Once that task is created, it will show up on the package page, like this:

And it will show up on the Front Desk page in both the News Feed and on the To Do list, like this:


The task will remain in these places until the package has been delivered! Don’t forget that you must complete the package log and change the status of the package to “Delivered to Guest” and mark the task as resolved.