How do I automate or cancel automation of guest messages?

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HelloShift prides itself on being the most flexible modern messaging system out there for hotels. We know there are days in your hotel when you expect to be slammed, and sometimes, it would be great if you could turn some features of the system off. Other days, you’re on top of the world, fully staffed, appropriately booked and everything is going well — on those days, there’s nothing you can’t handle.

Take control of the incoming guest messages at your hotel by adjusting your texting automation settings. Here’s how:

In the left side menu under ADMIN, select Site Settings (admins only) and then go to Guest tab:

Finally, make your selections:


When you’re done, click update and voila! — you are all set.

You can choose to automate all, some, or none of your guest messages. Although we recommend choosing a messaging strategy and sticking with it as a best practice, we know that there are days when you are short staffed and just can’t keep up. We hope this feature helps on those days!