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Have a guest who left something behind? Housekeeping staff found an item? Never lose track of a lost or found item again with our Lost & Found log!

Super simple to use, you can track all of your lost or found items with a few clicks of the mouse. Here’s how:

Go to Menu > Guests and choose the Guest Items tab, as shown below. To begin tracking a new Lost & Found item, click on New Lost & Found:


Here is the screen you will see when adding a new Lost & Found item:

Here is this process in a quick animation:

Lost and Found Demo

Fields on this screen

Item Status:
This is a required field that will allow you to choose whether the item is: Lost, Found, Returned or Discarded.


This is a free-form field where you can describe the item that is being reported lost or found.

Found by
This is a dropdown menu where you add the specific user at your hotel who found the item. If the item was found by a guest, the person who the item was given to should add their name here, then make a note about who gave the item to them.

Found at
This is a free-form field where you can describe the location where the item was found.

Tracking number
This is a free-form field where you can add any tracking information you would like to add.

Return address
This is a free-form field where you can add details of the address a found item has been shipped to.

Logging Notes for a Lost or Found Item

When you need to add new notes to an item that was reported Lost or Found, you will simply use the search function to locate the item, or if there is nothing on the log currently, you can create a new Lost & Found item following the steps above.

Once you have located the proper item, click the pencil icon next to the ID number of that package:


Doing this will open up the log for that item and allow you to change fields, like the status of the item, or the address to where the item should be sent.

Once you have made your changes, click Update Lost & Found:


What is the Item ID?

The Item ID gives each item its own page in your electronic logbook. Clicking the ID link will take you to the page for the item where you can add notes and have discussions with other members of your team about the instructions for the lost or found item, perhaps make a note about any special circumstances, etc. Access the Lost & Found item page by clicking on the ID number shown here:


Here is an example Lost & Found item page, where you can see the information that is kept here and see how to use the conversation wall to make notes:


Searching and Sorting your Lost & Found item log

The Quick Search box at the top of the Lost & Found log page allows you to enter keywords when searching the log. The keywords should be in one of these fields: Location or Description. You can also choose the Status for the item (lost, found, returned):


Sorting the Log

If you know the date the item was reported lost or found, you can sort the items in your log by the Created date, as shown below: