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What are mentions?

Mentions alert team members to activity and loop them in on conversations in HelloShift.

How can I mention someone?

There are two ways you can mention a person or department.

  1. Automatic: Create a new note or task on a department wall to mention the department automatically. Most users can only see the wall for their own department. Admin users can see every department wall.
  2. Manual: You can add a mention to any note, task or comment.
    • Type @ key followed by the name of the person or department, then hit the “enter” key when the name you want is selected.
    • After you add mention, the name is highlighted in blue.
Who sees your notes if you don’t mention anyone?
  • If you are part of a department, your department will see every note and comment you write so that they are in the loop.
  • If you are a manager who is not part of a department and you do not mention anyone in your note, nobody will see the note – it will act as a log for your future reference.
Who sees comments if you don’t mention anyone?
  • Whoever sees the original note or task will see any additional comments that get added.
  • If you want to pull another person or department into comments for a note or task, mention them the comment.