Notification settings for properties without a dedicated 24×7 Front Desk

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The default notification settings for HelloShift assumes a dedicate 24×7 Front Desk. By default, all Guest related notifications are primarily geared towards the Front Desk staff.

This may not be the case for your property, especially after the pandemic. Or you are not part of Front Desk but want to be notified as though you were.

Here are the steps you can take to adapt the notification settings:

  • The big red guest notification is only shown to members of the Front Desk department. You can change this by going to ADMIN > Settings > Guest and turning OFF this setting.
  • For each user who needs to receive guest notifications and is not constantly using the HelloShift web application with built-in browser notification, turn notification ON for Guest department so they would receive it via mobile app or email.
  • Optionally, you can also turn ON alert notifications to proactively handle guest issues