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Pre-requisite: Customer must have a Facebook Business Manager account.

Customers must have their own Facebook Business Manager account in order to be approved for WhatsApp access. This is used by WhatsApp to identify your business, and associate your phone numbers. The Facebook Business Manager ID will be needed when submitting the customer’s access request. Customers who don’t already have a Facebook Business Manager account can create one at business.facebook.com.

General Rules about Using WhatsApp for Business (subject to change)
  • You can send guests a pre-approved template to initiate the conversation. (Pre-Stay/On-Premise/Post-Stay)
  • Your guests can message you at any time.
  • You can respond without using a template that has been approved if you are responding within a 24-hour window of receiving a guest message.
  • You can send and receive images in conversations in WhatsApp
  • You can send links in WhatsApp messages.

If you have a guest who only wants to communicate via WhatsApp, you can change their default method of communication to WhatsApp in their Directory Profile here:

Please contact us directly if you’d like to set this up.